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How do you provide online tuition?

This can be done in two ways – either distance-tutoring via email/phone/video or live online tutoring via platforms such as WhatsApp video call, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Facebook Messenger video call, Discord, Google Duo, Skype, etc. I use Limnu because it has an interactive whiteboard. I have a large collection of both hard-copy textbooks and ebooks to suit most Students’ needs.

The first option would suit if you needed tuition regarding an assignment, project, thesis, etc. The latter choice would be appropriate if you wished to learn a particular topic better by using textbook theory/exercises/worked examples/Teacher’s notes/past exam questions.

Where is the tuition carried out?

For school students, this will either be in your home or you’re welcome to come here where I have a study room.

For 3rd– level students, this will be either in your home or your College, or you’re welcome to come here where I have a study room.

When are you available?

I’m available on weekday afternoons & evenings.

What about Vetting by The National Vetting Bureau?

Yes, I have been vetted.

Who has written the best Leaving Cert Higher Level Maths textbook?

I’m familiar with the half-dozen or so textbooks that schools use but I know the most popular one better than the others.

In essence, all textbooks are teaching the same course only in a different style, so if you use a certain textbook for our sessions it shouldn’t make a difference.

What is your Covid-19 Vaccination Status?

I received the second dose in June, 2021 and the third booster in October, 2023.