Noel was a pleasure to deal with. Professional, prompt to respond and friendly. We had a very positive experience interacting with him.

Alex, Dublin
HLLC Maths

Noel established a very good connection with my Son and communicated all Maths theories clearly and helped him over a difficult patch.

Cheryl, Dublin
HLLC Maths

Thank you for your kind help. I am the other side of my project and exams and it’s a great relief. I appreciate your help.

Declan, Meath
TCD Engineering PostGrad

Thanks a million for all your help – I really appreciate it – it was great.

Michael, Dublin
TUD Structural Engineering Degree

Noel, my Son was delighted with your last session.

Terri, Dublin
HLLC Maths

I appreciate you taking the time to work out the calculations. Those notes were a great help – thank you. Much appreciate your time.

Robert, Galway
LIT Civil Engineering Degree

It’s great peace of mind having someone to bounce stuff off.

Kenneth, Mayo
Sligo IT – Masters in Roads & Transport Engineering

Just had my exam – it was pretty tough, but everything seemed to go alright, so thanks very much for your help – much appreciated. I’ll definitely give you a bell if I need help next Semester with Statistics.

Adam, Kildare
Maynooth University – Finance Degree – Maths Tuition

Thank you so much for all your help – you helped me a lot.

Faith, Dublin
HLLC Maths

Thanks for all the work and help – OK, should be good to go now. I was struggling with some of the questions, so thanks for setting me straight.

Rosie, Mayo
Maths for STEM Diploma, Mayo Leitrim Sligo E.T.B.

Thanks very much for your work, Noel. Hopefully, this information will be of enough guidance and help to enable me to pass the exam. Thanks for your help – hopefully it will be of benefit to get me over the line.

Tom, Cork
CIT Structural Engineering Degree

Noel gave me helpful tuition in Physics. He was easy to understand and explained things well. I liked the 2-hour Zoom session style of tutoring. Five stars out of five.

Tadhg, Cork
UCC Physics Degree

I was delighted Noel was able to help me at such short notice for an Executive Officer aptitude test for the Civil Service. He helped me sharpen up my Maths after many years since secondary school. I’d recommend Noel to anybody.

Philip, Kildare 
Adult Maths Tuition

Very friendly and supportive – gave me as much tuition time as I needed before my exams. Five stars out of five.

Justin, Dublin
TUD Architecture Degree – Structural Engineering Tuition

Thanks for helping my Son so much with the Maths and for making it enjoyable.  He says that you explain it really well.

Helen, Louth
HLJC Maths

Thanks for your help, Noel – I passed my Physics exam afterwards. Even after 2 hours of tuition, I felt much more confident with the material. Five stars out of five.

Jade, Dublin
Maynooth University Science Degree – Physics Tuition

Just wanted to say thank you for today – very professional and the cameraman said you came across very well. Very impressed – well done.

Aaron, Dublin 
After recording HLLC Maths Tutorial Videos for a Tuition Academy

My Daughter loved the first session and now would like an extra tutorial every week.

Daniel, Dublin
HLLC Applied Maths

Enjoyed today – found it very helpful.

Rob, Dublin 
Carlow I.T. – Electronic Engineering Degree – Maths Tuition

I had a number of Physics tutorials with Noel. I found him to be very knowledgeable and easy to understand. He was very patient and was always reliable. I would have no hesitation in recommending him.

Mark, Kildare 
TUD General Engineering Degree – Physics Tuition

I just received my predicted grades for this term, and was really happy with the Maths results. Thanks for all the help so far. Five stars out of five.

Olivia, Kerry 
HLLC Maths

My Son is enjoying the tuition and he says you have a great way of communicating. He finds Noel the perfect match for him, as he can explain topics simply and works through potential questions and answers constantly. Noel has given my Son a lot of confidence and skill in the quality of his answering. Thank you.

Michelle, Offaly 
HLLC Physics & OLLC Maths

Noel is very efficient and detail- orientated. He did a great job with my Son during Construction Studies grinds. Five stars out of five.

Eamonn, Meath 
HLLC Construction Studies

Massive thanks for all the help over the last few months – nearly everything we covered together came up in the exam. Got 80% in the end. Can’t thank you enough for all the help. I’ll have another exam at the start of next year, so I’ll definitely be back in touch closer to that time.

Testimonial from the Tuition website that Rob found me on: “Noel is a fantastic Tutor and a very nice guy, who is very knowledgeable and has a great way of teaching and helping you to understand. He helped me get through some very difficult exams and it was a great pleasure every week. Five stars out of five.”

Rob, Clare 
Adult Maths Tuition for Aircraft Engineering Apprenticeship

Noel has a lovely approach to tutoring. He is punctual and reliable. Five stars out of five.

Katrice, Dublin 
Maynooth University Science Degree – Physics Tuition

Just a quick thank you for the lesson on Monday – much appreciated!

Theresa, Wexford 
HLLC Applied Maths

Noel is an excellent Tutor and is great at explaining things. Five stars out of five.

Brian, Dublin 
HLLC Construction Studies & OLLC Maths

Thanks for that Noel – my Son enjoyed it! Delighted we found you now.

Suzanne, Dublin 
HLJC Maths

My Son is feeling confident having grinds with you and he wants to have more sessions.

Suziyana, Westmeath 
HLJC Maths

Noel was really helpful in bringing my academic studies forward. He adjusted to exactly my pace, consistently checking if I understood everything that was happening – a very comforting thing to have amidst the chaos of the Leaving Cert!

Sean, Wicklow 
HLLC Physics & Applied Maths

Five stars out of five.

Ciara, Dublin 
TCD Civil Engineering Degree

The last session that you had with my Son was very helpful. He just had an 83% on a Maths Test which he was quite happy about. It’s been a long time since we had any positive news from Maths. You have helped him a lot, and he has said on several occasions that you are a very good Teacher. Also, I admire your passion, and that you volunteer helping disadvantaged Students.

Lisa, France
OLLC Maths

Thanks for helping me so far, as you’ve been very knowledgeable.

Peter, Dublin 
OLLC Maths

My Son was really motivated and happy after your session last week and is really pleased with the lessons. Thanks for that, and your patience.

Carla, Dublin
HLJC Maths

We appreciate your help during this time and thanks again.

Mercedes, Dublin 
HLLC Maths

My Daughter got a 56% on her most recent Maths Test… a BIG improvement from 0% over Christmas.

Carla, Dublin
OLJC Maths

Thank you very much for going to so much effort for me and for being so supportive – I really appreciate it. I must say you are one of the best Teachers I have had for Maths – your explanations are terrific.

Alice, Andorra 
OLLC Maths

Thank you very much for all you have done for me. You have been of great help and have helped me raise my confidence concerning Maths by a lot.

Etienne, Dublin
OLLC Maths

Thanks very much for the lessons – they have been a great help.

Jack, Dublin 
OLLC Maths

Thank you so much for everything.

Nancy, Spain
OLLC Maths

Noel has been tutoring my Son for only a few weeks, but in that short time, his confidence has grown so much. Noel is a terrific Tutor. He gave my Son career advice, as well as excellent tuition. His experience really shows. And the proof of the pudding is that, not only is he learning a lot, but he’s actually enjoying it! Thank you Noel, and I hope we can continue with the classes after the Summer holidays. Five stars out of five.

Jennifer, Waterford 
HLLC Maths

I received an average of around 90% for my first 4 Practicals out of 5 in total. Delighted with those marks. Thanks for all your help, Noel, I really appreciate it.

Carl, Louth
DkIT Civil Engineering Degree

Excellent tutoring. Covered everything that needed to be covered quickly and effectively. Noel can work at your own pace and he has a broad knowledge of his subject. Five stars out of five.

Shane, Waterford 
HLLC Maths

Thank you very much for doing the extra tuition with my Son. It’s very much appreciated. Thanks so much for helping him. Hoping you can still be with him for next year. 

Ann, Dublin
TUD Structural Engineering Degree

Thank you again for yesterday. You were a great help.

Jack, Dublin
Southampton Solent University, UK – Officer of the Watch Certificate – Maths Tuition

Five stars out of five.

Camila, Spain
OLLC Maths

I just want to say thanks so much for the work you did with me. You were a fantastic Tutor for Leaving Certificate Physics. I learned a lot within each session and it definitely improved my overall grade. I would highly recommend you if someone was looking for Physics tuition. Five stars out of five.

Della, Laois
HLLC Physics

My Son is doing well as a result of your tuition.

Ifah, Dublin
HLLC Maths, Physics & Applied Maths

Overall, Noel was very good and very helpful in what I asked of him. Very good value too. Five stars out of five.

Darren, Longford
TUD Civil Engineering Degree

Before your tuition, I thought I’d fail the exam, but I received 62% in my latest Test.

Noel, Louth
I.T. Tralee – Industrial Instrumentation & Automation Certificate – Maths Tuition

Noel assisted in preparing our Daughters for Leaving Cert & Junior Cert Maths. He was always on time, provided feedback when questions were asked and was always ready to answer questions. Thank you so much for your teaching – you are a star. You were a joy to have as a Teacher. Five stars out of five.

Edith & James, Dublin

I can highly recommend Noel for tuition. He recognized my strengths & weaknesses immediately and, in doing so, improved my understanding of the subject. I have learnt so much and enjoyed doing so.

Conor, Dublin
TUD Structural Engineering Degree

Thanks, Noel, for the tuition – helped me a lot – much appreciated. 

Jamie, Kildare
HLLC Maths

I just wanted to say thanks again for all the help you gave to my Daughter.

Eric, Dublin
HLLC Maths